Ready to Fight: The Importance of Lethality

This past fall, the military blogosphere was awash with think pieces on “Lethality,” a focus of the 2018 National Defense Strategy released over a year ago.  A…

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A Delicate Balance

It's important to have a job that fulfills you. But it shouldn't consume you. Otherwise, when it chews you up and spits you out, there's not much left for your family at the end of the day (or the end of your career).

Book Recommendation: “The Bureaucratic Entrepreneur”

Under the category of "Books I Wish I had Read 20 Years Ago", I have recently discovered "The Bureaucratic Entrepreneur: How to Be Effective in Any Unruly Organization" by Richard Haass.   Don't let the unwieldy title fool you: this is a slim, easily digestible volume that is chockfull of practical advise on how to be successful in your job, be it government, business or the non-profit sector.