To paraphrase the scene in the hospital chapel from “We Were Soldiers,” I truly believe that when it comes to being a father and a naval officer, being good at one makes me better at the other.   As its title implies, this blog will be a chronicle of my efforts to be a better father, a better naval officer, and a better citizen.  (Hopefully in the process, I will also become a better writer and thinker, but no promises.)

Some entries will focus exclusively on fatherhood.  Others will discuss the latest issues relating to the navy and national security, or my thoughts on national and global politics.   Still more will seek to find connections between the various roles in my life.  There is always the danger of trying to make this blog too many things for too many people, but I am hopeful that many will be able to relate to the experiences and thoughts that I share.

Comments and insights are welcome.

Any and all opinions are solely my own and do not represent the views of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Navy.

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